Luxury Handmade Chocolates from Red Robin Pantry in Falmouth, Cornwall - for UK Shipping Only

Handmade in Falmouth, Cornwall, England, loaded artisan chocolate bars are handcrafted from the finest quality Organic & Fair Trade Belgian chocolate, flavoured with natural flavourings and extracts and fully loaded, and we mean fully loaded, with roasted nuts, drizzles of chocolate, homemade honeycomb, tangy fruit and more to bring you wonderfully intriguing flavour combinations that we are sure you will love. 

My daughter Debbie has been working hard during the Month of October getting ready for up and coming Christmas Markets starting in November, now due to Government Lockdown restrictions and cancelation of all markets is now unable to sell her stock, to help Debbie out, John and I are fetching some of her stock on Tuesday to sell on our website - why not treat yourself during lockdown - who cares if we get fat - how much worse can it be !  We are all in this together......  

If you would like to visit Debbie's website and see the full range of handmade Chocolates and Wedding Cakes, or even potential book a cake for your own wedding (if we survive that long :)  Link:  RedRobinPantry

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