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Roman Numeral Dome Profile Titanium Ring by GETi

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Warranty: GETi Titanium Rings are covered by a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing or material defects. You can be confident that if any problem should develop with your GETi ring in the future, they will be able to help solve it.
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Dome profile Titanium ring with external engraved inverted Roman Numeral date of your choice. 

Please enter your Roman Numerals in the text box when ordering. We can translate the date for you if you are unsure of how it converts to Roman Numerals.

Because of the strength of Titanium,  resizing your ring would be very difficult after it has been crafted, so we recommend you are sure of your size before you buy titanium rings.

All Rings include our elegant Black Gift Box with our own bespoke MPJ wax seal or upgrade to a premium brand GETi Gift box (extra cost)

Available in width sizes from 5mm upto 12mm

Handmade in the UK by GETi Birmingham and carries a lifetime Guarantee

Custom Made and Engraved to order - normal despatch time 2-4 weeks - 7 Day Express Despatch Service available @ £20.00 

GETi is the UK's leading dedicated manufacturer of Black Zirconium and Titanium rings for both men and women.

Questions & Answers

Q. What is Titanium ?
A. Titanium is the hardest natural metal in the world, it is very strong, and has three times the strength of steel, and much stronger than gold silver or platinum, but yet it is very lightweight.  Pure Titanium is also 100% Hypo-allergenic, which means it will not react to your skin.
Q. Will my Titanium Ring be scratch proof ?
A. We would love to say yes, but I am afraid this is not so, like any other ring, within time it will start to show signs of wear, Platinum, Palladium and Titanium rings are durable and hard wearing but will take on scratches and rub marks quite easily. These marks will blend in and become less noticeable in time as the ring is worn. 
Q. Incase of Emergency, can my ring be cut off my finger ?
A. Yes,  Although Titanium is very strong, it can be cut without much difficulty. Hospital and paramedic ring cutters are usually electric and would have no problem removing your ring.
Q. What is the best way of sizing my finger for a Titanium Ring ?
A.  Before you purchase a Titanium Ring online, please be sure of your ring size. A Titanium ring will feel much lighter on your finger than gold or silver rings, and there is very little chance your Titanium ring will change shape over the years, so you do want to ensure you make sure it is sized properly.  A correctly sized ring fill fit comfortably over your finger but will be a little hard to get off, since the ring has to travel over your knuckle.  To ensure a correct fit we recommend that you DO get measured by a jeweller, measuring your ring size using steel rings as used by professional jewellers..
Q. What is the difference between Polished and Satin finish ?  
A.  Polished is a high gloss shiny finish - Satin is a dull matt finish. 

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